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About Us

CXML Connect Company Background and Capabilities

CXML Connect's core technologies have been developed and in production for over five years. Working regularly with the ePro technology teams of large distributors, sales and support staff, and with ecommerce enabled technology vendors, CXML Connect has created an end-to-end e-procurement platform that provides ecommerce connections among hundreds of customers to vendors. Using the experience and expertise in settings up connections among vendors, CXML Connect can quickly develop complete online purchasing solutions to clients wishing to grow and increase sales while reducing process and support costs.

Proven Technology

Our expertise in the procurement business allows us to develop tools and technologies that can quickly and effectively provide connections among a wide variety of purchasing platforms. Within a hosted framework, we can quickly setup and roll out the services you need to accomplish all of your purchasing needs.

  • Complete transactional processing from purchase order to invoice
  • Scalable online architecture to support huge numbers of transactions
  • Secure online application allowing full order support and management
  • Flexible components that provide a wide range of transactional processing needs

Experience with valued partners

CXML Connect has developed it technologies through continued partnership with some of the most trusted names in online commerce and supply resources.

Using these resources has helped us continuously improve our online platform and feature set to allow customers more options and greater control over e-procurement.

  • Testimonials

    The visibility to our sciQuest orders, along with all other eprocurement transactions, has provided us with reporting and order tracking capabilities which has improved customer service and resulted in exponential growth with minimal associated cost.

    Nancy - President, Evco Partners

    CXML Connect has worked with us to effortlessly connect our buyers and suppliers online to increase sales and improve workflow

    Diane - Owner, CT Biomedical

    CXML Connect's experience in integration has dramatically lowered our development costs and lead time in implementing our online purchasing system.

    Pete - Controller, Trillamed

    I receive new user requests and good comments every day from customers who compliment the ease and convenience of placing their own orders through our website.

    Linda - E-procurement Specialist, Burgoon Company